Monday, 11 November 2013

Another day passes .....

Another bash at this blogging lark - spurred on by just having spent a wonderful weekend in the company of a crazy crew of crafters from north Essex!  It was Sandie - my blogging inspiration and soul mate - who brought these wonderful new people into my life - she had spent a weekend with them earlier in the year, and knew instantly that we would all get on fine, and we did.  Sadly I couldn't join in the girly sleepover fun as hubby was away but I stayed all day and left reluctantly each evening. 

As always I packed haphazardly and had no idea what I would actually do in the way of crafting!!  I am pleased to say I came away with two scrap layouts, a Christmas card, some Christmas tags (can never have enough of those babies), a mini-book and thanks to Sandie (she really is amazing!) I have made a start on my first handsewn, leather bound journal - photos to follow.  Its not perfect but I am very proud of it all the same.  In fact I am beginning to embrace the imperfections in my life - I've lived with them long enough, so guess now its time to love them too!  Is this The Artists Way influence I wonder???

So recovering from that today, I was amazed to get a text from hubby to say he was on his way home - 3 days early - wonderful news as there are lots of lightbulbs that need changing - including the headlights of the car -which decided to both fail on my way home from Sandie's last night, leaving me no option but to drive with the lights on full beam from Rettenden to Brentwood - so if I blinded anyone - please accept my sincerest apologies but I just would not have been able to see otherwise!!

So now he is home and chaos reigns once more (or actually as usual!!).  My next post will probably be sometime after my mega charity breakfast - which I am holding next week - that will be a photo heavy post - so beware!!! 


  1. Poor you, having no headlights to get home with!! Not good along these dark country lanes.
    I look forward to seeing your leather bound journal, and thanks for your great company. I knew you'd love the weekend!! Looking forward to February when we go again :)

  2. Hiya Pauline! How did your charity breakfast go? I saw the plateful that Sandi got when she posted on Facebook, it looked so yummy and it was lunchtime when I saw it, made my jam on toast seem inadequate! So glad you enjoyed our little scrappy weekend and so looking forward to the February one. Have a great time at the one you are attending this weekend (not jealous much!). xx